Free Online Dating Profile Examples & Tips

“Read the dating profile that scores me tons of hot dates.”


After seven years of research and trial and error I have mastered online dating. I now have an awesome life filled with tons of hot dates and sex. You can too, just read my free tips. Lets check out my profile..

Free Online Dating Profile Examples & Tips

My Most Recent Dating Profile

About Me

“I’m willing to lie about where we met! …but just this one time. We can tell them we met at a charity function or when we volunteered at Parkland Senior Living, lol.

Ok, so about me…

My mission in life takes up a lot of my time and I’m passionate about many things but when I take a break on the weekends I go to Utes games, hang out with my degenerate friends, eat poisonous fish at Japanese restaurants, I go boating all the time so you must be able to swim or at least float when wearing a life vest, the dunes, festivals. I’ll try anything twice.

My ideal week night would be to grill a steak or some other mysterious dish and then sip some wine while watching a new release or just hanging out.

Knowledge is power and I’m very educated, I always love to learn new things. I can hold very intellectual conversations, all the way down to gossip about Stacy’s new haircut.

I have a good job, ambition, my own place, a fully stocked fridge, a car, and best of all, I’m normal! No excessive texts or phone calls or anything weird and creepy from me. I feel for you girls, it must get annoying after a while!

I’m close with my mom and I’m totally cool with watching chick flicks, even at the theatre, and I won’t even try to cover my face when we leave ;)”

Bottom line… I fu&*$ng rock.

My Perfect Match

“So, who compliments me? You, if you’re an attractive, outgoing, creative woman with a good sense of humor. You’re sweet and intelligent with a wild side. You’re open to new experiences and aren’t afraid to just be yourself. You’ll be a nice addition to my already awesome life. So you should probably comment on something now because the guy above me still lives with his mother and the guy below me is married. I’ll talk to you soon.”

My Dating Life

Want proof that my dating tactics work? Notice the dates on the right. Click to enlarge.


As you can see I mix in humor and confidence and keep them wanting to see what I will say next.

I use buzzwords that make it easy for them to comment on my profile.

For example when I mention cooking a mysterious dish, I often get asked about it so it makes a good ice breaker.

Remember, having a killer dating profile isn’t all there is to online dating domination. Arm yourself by reading my online dating tips at the top right.

Also, copying and pasting my profile to use for yourself will backfire. Your personality will not match mine and you could attract the wrong kind of girls for you or your messages won’t match the personality of your profile. I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, but it works very well for me to attract girls that are my type which leads to more successful dates.

Enjoy your stay..

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  1. Derek says:

    That’s an awesome profile. You have inspired me.